About the summit

About the summit



The Africa Prosperity Dialogues (Kwahu Summit) is a strategic platform where the movers and shakers of the African economy will elevate the AfCFTA objectives from ambitions to real actions. The Summit will be a one-of-a-kind event where African leaders from diverse areas of national endeavour will gather each year to discuss and share experiences on issues and initiatives required for Africa to achieve the goal of shared prosperity and shape the Africa Agenda for Action.

The maiden Summit would focus on how to expedite the implementation of the agreed initiatives within the AfCFTA trade bloc. It will bring into practical focus the continent’s critical challenges and industrialization priorities and advance aggressively the commercial and infrastructural interventions to achieve the vision of an Africa Beyond Aid.

The Africa Prosperity Dialogues is an annual conference to be held every year beginning with 2023. It is a summit of the highest political and business decision makers in Africa, supported by various shades of leaders, that will come out with practical, actionable initiatives to achieve prosperity for all Africans. The Summit will accelerate investments and amplify public-private partnership.

The maiden summit will take place from 26 -28 January 2023 at Peduase in the Aburi Mountains, Eastern Region under the theme “AfCFTA: From Ambition to Action - Delivering Prosperity Through Continental Trade”.

The specific objectives of the Summit are to:

~Foster collaboration among African states and businesses to drive investment and develop intra-African trade.

~Develop deliberate and sustainable measures to grow Africa into a manufacturing powerhouse.

~Create an effective platform for businesses and political leaders to build strategic partnerships and empower African businesses to build Africa.

~Create opportunities for business collaboration, which places Africa’s development first.

~ Become the most sought-after event for political and business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa and beyond.


The Summit is expected to result in the following outcomes:

1. Consensus on how accelerate the development of the continent so as to achieve shared prosperity, through the full implementation of the AfCFTA.

2. Consensus on how to accelerate the full implementation of AfCFTA so trading will start.

3. Consensus on strengthening the enablers of trade on the continent.

4. Consensus on deepening cooperation and integration, through the AfCFTA.


As part of our determination to reduce information asymmetries in Africa’s trade ecosystem, networking arrangements at the Kwahu Summit will include clinics where (one-on-one) and bilateral meetings with relevant sector leaders or participating governments are arranged for participants.

Whilst accessing thought leaders at the highest level, participants will have the opportunity to dialogue first hand with multi-sectoral change makers on the continent. The focus will be pan-African; however, non-African change makers and business leaders aligned with Africa Prosperity Network’s vision will participate. Ultimately, the summit will offer opportunity to participants for trade deal-making, and for governments to reach bilateral understanding and agreement on issues of trade.


The Africa Prosperity Dialogues will deliver immense value to multiple stakeholders who participate in the event.


To AfCFTA, the summit will assist in creating awareness of the Agreement and enhance implementation and adherence to it. It will assist AfCFTA to deliver on its 2030 deadline to be fully operational in Africa. The summit will provide critical support for the AfCFTA Secretariat in implementing its road map towards 2030.


To the AU, the summit offers a platform to move the ambition of Africa’s Heads of State, which is often expressed in policies on trade and commerce, into action. It offers an avenue for Africa’s leading businessmen and politicians to work together to implement the AU’s decisions. It will help break down such decisions and policies into actionable points and build commitment to their implementation.


The summit offers African governments an opportunity to build a narrative supporting interventions towards meeting goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 17 commit governments to build partnerships with the private sector, civil society, traditional authorities among others to improve upon the livelihoods of citizens. The summit will be a fine example of Public-Private Partnerships.

Over and above that, it will offer Africa’s political and business leaders a platform to achieve alignment on how to deepen trade on the continent. The limited trade in Africa has been the challenge of many African governments, and this summit will confront this in a concerted way and develop solutions to the challenges identified.


Many business leaders need governments to “walk a mile” with them in their shoes, to experience how it pinches. At the Summit, Africa’s business leaders and politicians will “take that walk together”. There will be the opportunity to discuss the threats to trade and commerce that could be mitigated by government interventions in one shape or form.

Also on the table will be economic opportunities and how governments can partner with business leaders to unlock them for the mutual benefit of business and government, and ultimately, for improving upon the living conditions of the citizens.

Besides, the summit will assemble a community of expertise that will enhance the sharing of best practice, deal making, and expedite the movement of people, goods and services within the continent as envisaged by AfCFTA. It will expand access to talents and other critical human resource requirements across borders and create more opportunities in the various areas of business operations.

The specific objectives of the Kwahu Summit are to:



Foster collaboration among African states and businesses to drive investment and develop intra-African trade.


Develop deliberate and sustainable measures to grow Africa into a manufacturing powerhouse.


Create an effective platform for business and political leaders that builds strategic partnerships, and empower African businesses to develop the Africa we want.


Create opportunities for business collaboration, which places Africa’s development first.


Become the most sought-after event for political and business lead ers, entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa and beyond.